Last Minute Full Moon Party Accommodations

Full Moon & you are still looking for a place to stay?

Booking online is not an option any longer, too short notice, or simply nothing available! Even worse if you are travelling as a larger group of 4 or more. Where to stay? What’s close to the party? The prices seem so high!! What to do?

We know BEST !

Many Resort and Bungalow owners around the Island, rely on us to  manage their Bungalow availability, specially during the full moon. Most of them, mainly family run businesses that can not be booked online, depend on local agencies and tourists walking in, searching for a place to stay. 

We help them spread the word around the island, and always know BEST what is available and where!
We know what the traveler needs and only work with selected resorts, where we believe the value and experience for our guests, is the BEST. Our criteria: Friendly Staff, Value Accommodations, Good Standards, Great surroundings.

Take a look at some last minute options for some BUDGET bungalow resorts available NOW!  
Koh Phangan Budget Bungalows.

For the a real treat, book yourself into a Beach Front Resort. Take a look at the most popular options available. Koh Phangan Beach Front Resorts.

If you are traveling with a larger GROUP and need special arrangements made, we can organize accommodations for larger groups, usually at BIG DISCOUNTS! and arrange for all of your transportation needs.
Contact us directly for more details: Contact:Jasmine


Karly Morrow
January 20, 2015
I cant find a hotel. Everything is booked. I want to stay near the full moon party(Haad Rin). There is 2 people total. Please let me know if you know of anything available.
December 6, 2015
Hey Thank you for your request. Could you let me know for which period you would like to stay?
Tyler sandlant
February 20, 2016
We need accom on Ko phangan for 22nd - 24th of feb. 5 people! No where to stay! Please help!
February 20, 2016
Hey Thank you for your mail. The only accommodation that we have left is in a dormitory in Haad RIn. Phangan Hostel, with a minimum of 3 nights, 400b/night/bed. More details:
December 30, 2016
Hello, looking for accommodation for two from NYE full moon party. Any advice?
December 27, 2017
Hey We still have availability in Charung and birds Bungalows.

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