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Diverse destination

Koh Phangan has everything to offer, the ocean, the jungle, many sport activities as well as the laid back spots and loads of parties.

Best prices

We are directly based on Koh Phangan, so you can be sure that Phangan Bookings can provide the Best Deals as we are daily in contact with our suppliers!

Beautiful places

Koh Phangan is famous for it’s amazing tropical sceneries;  Breathtaking waterfalls, Wild jungle, Stunning beaches, Amazing temples!

Fast booking

Booking confirmations and requests are handled within the day. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any booking information!

Instant help

We have an online assistance to advice you through your booking and assist you if needed Contact by mail, skype or phone.

Personalized travel

Phangan Bookings organizes tailored trips, just tell us your dream and we will make sure you to enjoy your holidays!

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Deep Sea Sports Fishing

A full day sports fishing adventure lies ahead navigating the pristine water of Koh Phangan into the deeper regions of
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Backpackers Welcome

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Quad ATV Jungle Trek

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