Koh Phangan Weather good year round

Koh Phangan sunny tropical weather!

Koh Phangan Weather mild and Sunny year around
when it comes to koh phangan weather there is only one thing to say, it’s great!

Sunny year round, temperatures never excceding …

It’s always around 30 degres on Koh Phangan. Evenings are great too, no need to have an extra jumper with you!

Koh Phangan Weather

The best time to travel is during high season, many loves to escape cold Europe during winter time to come to enjoy life from a hammoc with a coconut shake!

The hotest period is in April- May when the heat and the humidity are very high.

Koh Phangan Weather is always good and if it rains it never rains long except during the rainy season.

The rainy season is in october and november. Then many days may pass with the monsoon, which means heavy rain non stop.


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