Follow the moon follow the Koh Phangan Parties

Koh Phangan Parties is all about following the moon!

phanganbookingsKoh Phangan Parties follow the moon, a destination for party werewolves. There is always a party going on and once a week one of the moon party; the Full-, Half-, Black- or Shiva Moon Party. The party schedule follows the moon. There is monthly 1 full moon party, 2 half moons and 1 black moon party. You can find every night a party on the beach of Haad Rin, the full moon beach.

Koh Phangan Parties are on all year around, all around the island! Bu the beach, in the jungle, on a boat or even in a club, there is certainly your new favourite spot in Koh Phangan. Many bars organise weekly venues.

 Koh Phangan have been well famous for the Trance music for years. Nowadays  there is also an underground Tech-House scene. There is almost all year around a House Party on Koh Phangan. The most famous are Guy’s Bar and Blue & Green.

Backyard is one of the first Parties of the island. Nowadays the place is opened exclusivly for the Full Moon After Parties, once a month. Backyard is certainly one of the biggest Tech-House event of the island. 

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Koh Phangan Parties are defenetly worth being seen and experienced!


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