Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Calendar 2015/2016

Full Moon Party Haadrin Party Dates

On Koh Phangan, like elsewhere, the Full Moon Party follows the moon where it not for the Buddha day, which often falls around full moon.  When the date coincide the party is simply postponed to what usually amounts to the next day. On Buddha-Day it is regularly not allowed by law to sell alcohol or celebrate with loud music. Some of the Buddhist holidays are stricter with the enforcement than others, and it is very difficult to find out ahead of time which of the Buddha days is holiest, so beware.

Check the Full Moon Party Calendar the last Dates in 2015

Both Xmas Day and New Years Eve, are celebrated on Koh Phangan as full moon parties. In 2015, the full moon coincides with XMAS-Day, so the party is full-on.

Party Dates December 2015:

25 December
31 December ~ New Year Eve Party

Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Dates for 2016:

These are the party dates for 2016, keep in mind that due to Buddha days many of the dates could slightly change, in which case the full moon party will take place the day after the official full moon.

Saturday 23, January
Tuesday 23, February
Tuesday 22, March
Thursday 21, April
Saturday 21, May
Sunday 19, June
Thursday 21, July
Thursday 18, August
Friday 16, September
Monday 17, October
Monday 14, November
Wednesday 14, December
Sunday 25, December
Saturday 31, December



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