Koh Phangan is a wonderful authentic island! Koh Phangan is situated in the Gulf of Thailand, most of the people knows it by the notorious Full Moon Party! The island have loads more to offer! Just take the time to discover the magic island with us! Sailing, Yoga, Detox, diving, snorkelling. We only suggest to you the resorts that have the best ambiance and value for money! We offer different types of accommodations to all budget on all the different areas of the island. We also organize boat trips, diving, yoga classes and all sorts of excursions to make your holiday an unbelievable experience! The best way to find the best spot is to mail and tell us what you are looking for, your budget and we will do the rest. Just tell us, if

On Koh Phangan, like elsewhere, the Full Moon Party follows the moon where it not for the Buddha day, which often falls around full moon.  When the date coincide the party is simply postponed to what usually amounts to the next day. On Buddha-Day it is regularly not allowed by law to sell alcohol or celebrate with loud music. Some of the Buddhist holidays are stricter with the enforcement than others, and it is very difficult to find out ahead of time which of the Buddha days is holiest, so beware.